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the tax revolution

change the way you handle your tax return forever

How we are changing tax

We think it is time for a 21st Century approach to doing tax.

Forget hunting for lost receipts, or scanning paperwork. You simply squirrel away your tax documents and you can start now for free!

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Discover the tax return of the future

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You can store unlimited amounts of tax documentation in line with the tax return. Achieve paper-less paperwork, stop throwing away money and throw away the shoebox!

Nice & Easy

Nice & Easy

Use Tax Squirrel on the go on any device including your smartphone,tablet, PC or desktop.

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Do your taxes

Since much of the work has been done, we can help you lodge your return at very competitive rates.

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Save time

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can access, update and manage your receipts.

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We provide you with tax knowledge via news, updates on tax rules and cool tools that make recording your tax details nice and easy. We want you to feel like you know what you're doing when you're doing it.

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Any privacy concerns can be put to rest. Everything you submit is secure and private.

Getting started

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    Once you have registered and are okay with our Terms & Conditions, you can get started on managing your Australian tax documents with our prototype and squirrel your tax worries away!

News & Media

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Lost receipts are costing taxpayers billions of dollars

15 Aug 2012

Lost receipts are costing Australian taxpayers about $7.3 billion in total, or about $1000 each, according to a Commonwealth Bank survey...

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ATO wall with blurry person

Technical issues plague myGov online tax return lodgement

3 Jul 2014

The Tax Office has been hit by a technical issue which prevents people lodging tax returns and accessing other essential government services online...

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